Oru Kilo Taxi screened in Orlando Film Festival

Oru Kilo Taxi screened in Orlando Film Festival

Oru Kilo Taxi

The new trend among short filmmakers is to have veteran actors play crucial roles in their films. We’ve had Delhi Ganesh and Mano Bala appearing in spoof videos, and now, actor and dramatist Y Gee Mahendra has acted in the short film, Oru Kilo Taxi, directed by US-based filmmaker Venky Jayaraman. The film was screened at the Orlando Film Festival last week and Mahendra, who is currently touring the US to stage his plays, was also part of the screening.

Interestingly, Venky, who has studied filmmaking at the prestigious New York Film Academy, had approached Mahendra in 2013, while he was in the US to stage his drama Venkata3. He had showed the actor one of his earlier short films and an impressed Y Gee had offered to act in Venky’s next venture. So, in 2014, when the veteran returned to Orlando for his Swadeshi Aiyar play, Venky gave him the draft script of Oru Kilo Taxi.

“Typically, Tamil short films are expected to carry a positive ‘social message’, so it can gain popularity in film festivals, but given that my film was a dark drama, I was sceptical if Y Gee sir would be OK with donning the role of a swami in the film. But, Y Gee sir being a true artiste, he didn’t focus just on his role, but on the overall script and was a guiding force for the entire team,” recalls Venky.

The film was also picked up by the Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 2015 and was screened in New Delhi earlier in September.

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