`Oru Mexican Aparatha` script is not mine, says Jude Anthany

`Oru Mexican Aparatha` script is not mine, says Jude Anthany


Tovino Thomas” Oru Mexican Aparatha is one of the most anticipated movies in Mollywood this year but one thing that has had the fans curious was why Jude Anthany Joseph’s name has been from its posters despite being featured in the movie’s first promo.


Jude took to his social networking page to clear this. “It was a script I wrote before Om Shanti Oshaana. When I was in need of money, I posted on social networking page that there was a script for sale. Tom happily brought it from me after he saw the post. He had made changes in the script. The current script doesn’t even a single line written by me. So, the producer, Tom and I decided it was best we give Tom the credit for screenplay. My only contribution is the name – Oru Mexican Aparatha.”

The movie has apparently wrapped up filming. It also stars Gayathri Suresh, Neeraj Madhav and Roopesh Peethambaran.

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