People have said I cannot romance:Says Pearle Maaney

People have said I cannot romance:Says Pearle Maaney

Pearle Maaney

Anchor-turned-actress Pearle Maaney is known for her witty one-liners and uninhibited style of anchoring.

Pearle, who was recently cast as a journalist in a Manju Warrier movie, reveals the secret behind her positivity and how she would like to do a romantic role once…

How did you land in the Manju Warrier starrer? Jo and the Boy just happened. I heard one name —Manju Warrier — and said I’m in. I have been a fan of Manju Warrier since childhood. I would always feel her character in Summer in Bethlehem is like the real life me! I come from a family full of girls and am invariably the one who gets into trouble, just like that character. So to get an opportunity to act with her was something I would never let go. I play a journalist. I am a good friend to Jo in the film, who provides strength to her and vice versa.

How was the experience? Rojin is a director who brings out the best in everyone. There was absolutely no pressure from him; during the shoot you never feel sleepless and tired. But he would manage to get the perfect scene at the end. And the most surprising thing was his age. I got to know he is below 25 and to do two movies at this age, he is an inspiration.

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 You are three films old now but still behave as a fan to the big stars… Well, I have always remained a kid in many respects. At first, I thought I’ll grow up at 10, then at 15. Then I thought I’ll start throwing some attitude at 18. But truth be told, I am still waiting for that age when I will realise I’m a grown-up. It is funny, in every get-together I end up in the kids’ gang. It happened recently at Poornima Indrajith’s birthday again and finally the kids started asking me — Pearle chechi, how old are you?
 Is that the secret of you being calm and positive always? I don’t know how that happens. I think it’s about living in the present moment. It is important especially as an actor and as an anchor. Though I think of the past and the future I consciously restrict it to a minimum. I think that’s how I remain positive. I think I learnt it from my dad. He is my hero.
 You did a Telugu movie recently… I play a suspense character in Kalyana Vaibhogame, who brings a twist to the movie; which is why I am not in the posters or haven’t given any interviews about it. My character comes in the second half.
What kind of character would you like to do? I would like to do a romantic role. Mainly, because a lot of people have challenged me, saying I can never romance. But I say, just give me a role and I’ll prove them wrong! I might be childish and might fool around all the time but I do have a romantic side to me. But it’s a very precious side, something only a few people know about. These days romance has been misinterpreted as just a physical relationship or something for the sake of marriage, a relationship just to please society. But when I think of movies like Alaipayuthe or OK Kanmani, I feel they are about real romance. Those are the kinds of movies I want to do. I want to explore myself as an actor. But someone should write such a script, it has to be someone who understands love at that level.

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