Per capita liquor consumption of Kerala is equal to that of US

Statistics show that the per capita liquor consumption of the state (8.3 litres) is equal to that of the Unites States of America and higher than that of Poland (8.1 litres) and Italy (8 litres).Kerala tops the list of states with highest rate of per capita consumption of alcohol. Punjab with 7.9 litres takes the second place. In the first financial quarter Keralites drank 68.32 lakh cases of hard liquor and 26.92 lakh cases of beer taking the money spend to Rs 2019.38 crores. The state government earned taxes to the tune of Rs 1653.87 crores.

The figures when taken together with the population of the state shows that every Keralite drinks liquor worth Rs 1340 every year.Kerala earned Rs 5040 crores in taxes last year from the liquor sale last year. If the sales figures for the months April 2010 to July 2010 are any indication the state will earn revenue of Rs 6500 crores by the way of liquor taxes alone.

When compared to the financial quarter last year Kerala has consumed 6.70 lakh cases of liquor and 1.29 lakh cases of beer more this year.When someone buys liquor worth Rs 100 from a beverages outlet government gets Rs 80. Rs 18 will go to the liquor manufacturer and Rs 2 to the beverages corporation.

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