Piracy in Tamilnadu: Thanu, Vishal lock horns

Piracy in Tamilnadu: Thanu, Vishal lock horns

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Of late, Kollywood has taken a united stance against piracy. Recently, the producers of Suriya’s 24 decided to cancel the licence issued to a theatre chain after it was found out that a pirated copy of the film had been made in one of the chain’s screens in Bengaluru. And then, at a recent press meet, actorVishal had announced that he will go after pirated DVD makers and theatres which encourage this practice if he found them pirating his film. The actor also took to Twitter and questioned why S Thanu , the president of the Tamil Film Producers’ Council, was not taking any action against the theatres caught making illegal copies of 24.

 When we quizzed him, Thanu explained, “Vishal is new to his responsibilities in the Nadigar Sangam. He has to gain experience and patience to understand the system (council). First, we need a written complaint and then we have to meet the committee members, discuss with them and then meet the government officials. Then we need to file a complaint with the police. Everything cannot be done overnight, it will take its own course of time. Tamil film industry has been facing this pirated DVDs problem for the last 25 years, and the problem is still awaits a solution. So, Vishal, by this time, should know the hardships involved in this and how many people have to cooperate for it all to come together and action to be taken. I am surprised that knowing all this, Vishal is still blaming me alone. I will consider Vishal’s idea of taking immediate action, and I will work towards it. But for it all, Vishal will have to wait.
We took Thanu’s observations to Vishal’s knowledge, and he told us, “We found out from which theatre the pirated copies are being sent out. Having known this, why is the Producer’s Council not taking action against the theatre immediately? Tell me why not? Why are we waiting, is what I am asking. If we wait, then more films will be copied, and the producers will be affected. Immediate action is what is needed at the moment.”

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