Post Break-up, Trisha And Rana Back Together?

Post Break-up, Trisha And Rana Back Together?

Trisha And Rana

After their breakup, Trisha and Rana unfollowed each other on twitter. Even when she announced her engagement with Varun Manian, there was no wish from Rana. But, now, it looks like they have patched up. Rana wished Trisha for her birthday on twitter and in return Trisha tweeted saying, ‘Thank you Pschychooo.” After her split with Varun, sources say that Trisha has got back with Rana again. Varun Manian has not wished her on twitter though.

Trisha And Rana1

A source says,” May be things started working for her with Rana again. They have become ‘friends’ again. May be because of her re-joining with Rana, could be the reason for her alleged split with Varun Manian recently.”


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