Potta Potti 50-50 Review

Cast: Sadagopan Ramesh, Harini, Mayilsamy
Direction: Yuvaraj
Production: Muraliraman
Music: Arul Dev


Cricket evokes passion and sentiments among Indians. So does cinema. And if a movie is made on cricket laced with comedy, it would end up entertaining the masses. ‘Potta Potti’ is exactly one that combines all to leave a magic on the masses.

It is like watching an entertaining Twenty 20 match. Running for just two hours, the film has everything one would ask for in a commercial entertainer. No stunts or weepy scenes, but a collage of sequences that makes you laugh loud.

Half the job of director Yuvaraj is done by choosing to do a movie on cricket and casting a real-life cricketer Sadagopan Ramesh in the lead role. He has opted to go for fresh cast, apparently to ensure freshness in the film.

Set in a remote rural backdrop, ‘Potta Potti’ is a laugh-a-thon that throws light on the innocent lives in villages. Yuvaraj has kept a message through the hilarious entertainer-the need to preserve our greenery.

His grip over the medium, considering this to be his first venture, deserves applause. He is assisted by a strong team of technicians, who have contributed their might. Be it cinematographer Gopi Amarnath, music composer Arul Dev or editor Raja Muhammad, everyone leave their presence and mark in the film.

The movie is set in a village in Theni where the place is controlled by two-Kodaivannan (R Sivam) and his cousin Kollaivannan (Umar). The former is an innocent but an idiotic youth. The latter is selfish and is loaded with ulterior motives. They fight to hold the hands of their uncle’s daughter Parijatham (Harini).

The village panchayat decides that both should play cricket and the winner would get Parijatham. Now begins the drama between both, who know nothing about the game. Coming to know that Ramesh (Sadgoppan Ramesh), a cricketer, is in town, one of the competitors kidnaps him and forces him to be the coach.

But the twist in the tale is Ramesh and Parijatham fall in love. Finally the match is played. Who emerges the winner and who married Parijatham forms the climax.

Three cheers to Ramesh. He amazes with his performance. As himself on screen, he is at ease. He plays the role with punch. Humour comes naturally to him. Sivam and Avatar are wonderful duo. Their roles are well-written. Harini is pleasant and bubbly. She impresses. The rest of the cast too fits the bill.

At places, the movie reminds ‘Lagaan’, but nowhere leaves one irritated. Dialogues by Yuvaraj are the film’s high point. They are hilarious and enjoyable. Produced by V Murali Raman, ‘Potta Potti’ ends up as a movie that is quite different, providing fun and laughter. Good show Yuvaraj, Ramesh and the team!

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