Premgi to bark with Bharath

Premgi to bark with Bharath


The upcoming film Simba, that stars Bharath, will see comedian Premgi Amaren playing an imaginary dog! The film’s director, debutant Arvind Sridhar, says it is going to be Tamil cinema’s first stoner film, adding, “The film is a black comedy and the story is told from a dopehead’s point of view. It will narrate the relationship between a dopehead and a dog.”

Arvind says that he wasn’t concerned about criticism from the so-called guardians of culture because he has used the stoner element as just a base for a dark comedy. “Only in the beginning portion we have shown the character taking drugs. The rest of the film will deal with how that impacts the protagonist’s decisions and how he tries to get out of his addiction,” he explains.


Bharath plays the dopehead and Arvind says that the first question that the actor asked after listening to the script was if such a subject would work here. “But, after a week’s shoot, he was confident and became fully involved in the film,” he adds.

Interestingly, Premgi plays a dog! “He has not only provided his voice, but has also acted as the character. He appears throughout the film wearing a dog suit and interacts with Bharath. This is a character that is entirely Bharath’s hallucination,” Arvind explains.

The film is partly based on a real-life character, he reveals. “One of my friends was a dope addict and was brought up by his grandfather. I took their relationship and spun a fictional story around it,” he says.

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