Prithviraj:Nothing is purely fictional in Moideen

Prithviraj:Nothing is purely fictional in Moideen


Prithviraj’s Ennu Ninte Moideen is winning over the hearts of many and is equally thrilled about the success of the film.

“It’s a love story and on a superficial level, it might seem like a collection of cliches – there is a Muslim boy and a Hindu girl falling in love, the protagonist has socialist leanings and the girl is from a family that has right-wing inclination,” says the actor. “So all that will seem like familiar cliches but where this becomes more special is that when you realise nothing in the film is purely fictional.”


The actor says that most of what transpires in the film is based out of real life. “Every single incident we have addressed in the film really happened. That’s not to say we have not taken liberty in dramatization but nothing is purely fictional,” Prithviraj says.

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