Prithviraj`s 2 years for Aadujeevitham

Prithviraj`s 2 years for Aadujeevitham


Rumours had been rife for quite a few years that director Blessy has plans to recreate Benyamin’s acclaimed novel Aadujeevitham on the silver screen.

The next question was who would be playing the lead character. While Mohanlal, Tamil actor Vikram and Fahadh Faasil were rumoured to be considered for the role, it has now been confirmed that Prithviraj will be playing the central character of Najeeb, who migrates to Saudi Arabia with great hopes but ends up as a slave in a goat farm.

Prithviraj himself officially announced the launch of the movie at an event held in the Middle East, adding that Aadujeevitham is going to be a film like never before. “People are still asking me not to take up this film, as I have to dedicate two years exclusively to it. When you are in a good phase of your career, two years is too long for one film, they say. But Aadujeevitham is no ordinary film, and if Blessy achieves in making it the way he has visualised it, it will be one of the biggest films in the history of Malayalam cinema, and also one of the biggest contributions of our industry to world cinema,” he said.


Apparently, the actor-director duo had been discussing the project from 2008 onwards, and there were occasions where they could work it out, albeit with certain compromises. “Each time, Blessy refused to take it up, insisting that he will do it only according to his vision, his dream.” Finally, Blessy’s dream of getting the right producer came true, and the project will soon start rolling.
“Blessy has been told often that a film on such a large scale won’t work, that he is wasting his time. But I knew that when someone has a dream of such intensity, it will somehow turn into reality, eventually,” said Prithviraj.

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