Priya Mani`s life goes to screen!

Priya Mani`s life goes to screen!

Priya Mani is in no mood to take a break, let alone quit films, after marriage. The actress is currently working on her next film, Aashiq Vanna Divasam, whose shoot is nearly over. Directed by Krish Kaimal, director of Olappeeppi, the movie will see Priyamani in an important role, as the daughter in a family. “My character is called Shiny and she belongs to a happy-go-lucky family. There are a lot of cute moments in the film. The story is about what happens when an incident happens in their lives, and about how they are unable to come to terms with it.”

Each of the characters in the film is important, and the actors include Nasar Latheef and Punnasherri Kanchana, the muthassi from Olappeeppi.
The most interesting aspect of the film, however, is that it has her as someone who had an inter-caste marriage. Ask her if it had something to do with her own inter-religious marriage, and she says, “Oh no, it’s just a coincidence. Krish Kaimal told me the story long before my wedding, and we had a good laugh over it. I’m glad it’s my first movie after marriage as I simply fell in love with the script and character.”
Priya Mani got married to Mustufa Raj, a businessman, a month ago. But life hasn’t changed at all, says the actress. “The third day I was back to work and Mustufa to his. Nothing has changed except our relationship status. I guess it hasn’t yet sunk in for either of us that we are married.”

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