Ram Gopal Varma:Veerappan was planning to kidnap Rajinikanth

Ram Gopal Varma:Veerappan was planning to kidnap Rajinikanth

Ram Gopal Varma

The upcoming film, ‘Veerappan’ , directed by Ram Gopal Varma, showcases one of the biggest manhunts in history. Based on the life of the infamous sandalwood smuggler, it narrates his story through the point of view of those who were involved in his encounter. RGV gathered his research material based on interviews with some of the dacoit’s ex-gang members and people who used to mediate between him and the government. He also got information from officers who were a part of the operation to nab him.

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A source close to the project, which is produced by Sachiin Joshi, who is also a part of the film said that the intense thriller shows the director’s prowess. The source further added that a particular scene unravels Veerappan’s plot to kidnap the legend of Indian cinema, Rajinikanth, in the same way he had kidnapped Kannada superstar Rajkumar. The filmmaker learnt about this plan through sources close to the bandit. Ram Gopal Verma said that from all the truth he gathered, Veerappan’s story was unbelievable. But what is even more unbelievable is the drama which went behind the plan to kill him. RGV is known for his boldest and interesting statements, click to the next slide to read SRK’s interesting statement and why he called himself a ‘fakir’…

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