Rambha Profile

Actress Rambha Profile

Name: Rambha / Ramba
Birth Name: Vijaya Lakshmi
Nick Name: “Thunder Thighs”
First screen name :Amritha
Date of Birth :June 5,1976
Birth Place :Vijayawada, Andra Pradesh, India
Nationality: Indian
Mother tongue: Telugu
Rambha Height: 5′4″
Eye colour: Light Brown
Favourite star :Chiranjeevi
Favourite Dress: Jeans , salwar kameez, Short tops
Languages she worked: Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada and Bengali.
Profession: Actress, Model
First movie:“Aa Okkati Adakku”, 1993




Hot facts in Biography

# The actress is a great fan of Chiranjeevi.

# Once a crazy fan of Rambha came to see her.He stayed in front of her bungalow without food and drink. Watchman Failed to send him out. Finally the police cameand arrested the man. Then Rambha came out of her bungalow and met the fan, he was thrilled and went back with a feeling of fulfilling his life time dream.# She gave up her studies in the eighth standard, and entered the cinema industry at the age of 15.

# This tamil hot actress produced the movie “Three Roses” in which Jyothika, Laila and Rambha are the three lead character.This film didn’t do well in Box office and resulted in a flop and Rambha incurred a great loss by this. She also sold her house in Chennai to the financiers to come out of the debts.

# During the shooting of the movie “Three Roses” she fought with Jyothika regarding remuneration.
Tamil actress Rambha quotes

# ” I used to go to movies wearing a burkha. And I still do that. Lot of people say that they have lost their privacy, but I don’t feel restricted at all.”

# ” Actually, it is very difficult to be a glamorous heroine. Glamour sustains only for some time. This is my seventh year, and I’m happy that I am still continuing and maintaining my glamorous image. May be, I should say I am lucky.”

# ” I think that I still look like a teenager. One should also be able to carry off what one wears. Whether you wear a saree or a modern dress, it should look good on you. Some women look good only in sarees, dresses don’t suit them. But I can carry myself off in all kinds of clothes.”

# ” When I entered the field, I used to dream that people should come to see me. Every artiste has this dream, though he or she may not admit it. When I go out, I want people to recognise me.”

# ” I don’t want to be diplomatic. Though I work with all the heroes — and they are all nice and cooperative — I still maintain that I am a fan of Chiranjeevi’s. Since childhood, you have one image, and I used to admire Chiranjeevi a lot. When I got a chance to act opposite him, I couldn’t believe it.”

# ” When I meet people, even if they are my enemies, I smile at them. My innocent face and my smile are my assets “

# “I am very practical, now I am young. People come to the theatres not to see me draped in a six-yard sari. It’s fun time for me now. Let me enjoy this adulation for a while.”

# ” I hate getting up early in the morning. Even now, my mom has to wake me up. If someone doesn’t wake me up, then I can sleep all day.”

# ” People have been telling me to reduce weight. But I didn’t. I don’t diet and have no plans to do that.”
Tamil actress Rambha best movie list

Tamil movie list

Ullathai Alli Thaa [ Karthik , Rambha ]
Arunachalam [ Rajinikanth , Rambha , Soundarya ]
Kadhalar Dhinam [ Kunal , Sonali Bendre , Rambha ]
Kadhala Kadhala [ Kamal Hassan , Rambha ]
Endrendrum Kadhal [ Vijay , Rambha ]
Minsara Kanna [ Vijay , Rambha ]

Telugu movie list

Hitler [ Chiranjeevi , Rambha ]
Baavagaru Bagunnaraa [ Chiranjeevi , Paresh Rawal , Rachana , Rambha ]
Alex [ Haranath, Kausha , Rambha , Sangeetha , Shiju ]
Anandham [ Abbas , Devayani , Mammootty , Murali , Rambha , Sneha ]

Hindi movie list

Jung [ Ajay Devgan , Ramba ]
Judwaa [ Salman Khan , Karishma kapoor , Ramba ]
Bandhan [ Salman Khan , Jackie Shroff, Ramba ]
Krodh [ Sunil Shetty , Ramba ]
Beti.No.1 [Govinda , Ramba ]
Kyo Kii… Main Jhuth Nahin Bolta [ Govinda , Sushmita Sen , Ramba ]
Pyaar Diwana Hota Hai [ Govinda , Rani Mukherjee , Ramba ]



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