‘Randamoozham’ news update!

‘Randamoozham’ news update!

As the screen retelling of M T’s ‘Randamoozham’ is a work to be done in an epic scale, demanding a lot of research and references, Hariharan and M T has decided to delay the movie a little bit. In the mean time, M T will be working on a new script which will be directed by Hariharan. Reports are that this new movie will be produced by the director himself and will feature fresh faces in the cast.

Meanwhile, Hariharan has also revealed in an interview that he hasn’t talked with anyone except Mohanlal about doing the lead role in ‘Randamoozham’. The rest of the stories of other big stars of south partnering with the movie are all speculations. Since M T hasn’t yet completed the scripts, the director is in no terms to discuss the other cast lines with any other stars.

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  1. I request MT & Hariharan never begins another false play like “Pazhassiraja”, because now the legends losses their talents.

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