Reject Ranganath Misra commission report: Hindu Aikya Vedi

KOCHI: The Hindu Aikya Vedi has demanded that the Ranganath Misra commission report that proposed Scheduled Caste status for those who had converted to Islam and Christianity should be rejected. Talking to mediapersons here on Monday, Vedi leaders E.S. Biju and K.A. Balan said they would approach all MPs from the State demanding rejection of the report in Parliament.

 As caste system is the feature of Hindu society, reservation should be restricted to Hindus. Reservation was introduced for the uplift of communities that faced caste discrimination. The proposal of the commission to give Scheduled Caste status to those who had converted was against the Constitutional provisions, they said.

The SC/ST Aikyavedi has come out against the recommendations. Vedi general secretary D.S. Raju said here on Monday that the entire reservation system would be scuttled if these were implemented.

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