Remya Nambeesan’s liplock in ‘Chappa Kurishu’


The ravishing beauty Remya Nambeesan has now taken her glamour quotient to a new level. Sources say Remya has got into a lip lock sequence and this is happening for the film Chappa Kurishu. The lucky man to taste her lips is Fahad Fazil and it is heard that the lip lock sequence is for two minutes. The film is based on the book 1000 True Love Stories and it is directed by the noted cinematographer Samir Thahir.

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  1. she is just a make herself in news she chossen this vulger methods..but she should know that any actress who done all these b*tcness after few days their carrier is ruined..she is like now use and throw

  2. Hey Remya, dont know if you will read this.. probably u would if u r kind of an internet user. If u do, here u go with my comments.

    Ur make-over is just incredible. I wouldnt want to use another word here coz ur looks have brought in a new you in front of us, which is appreciated.

    And ur acting has definitely got better with this movie, i should admire u as u were able to fit into the role with ease.

    And about the liplock, those who hvnt seen the movie will not even know what we are speaking about! while watching it with my wife and parents, none of us felt anything ugly or vulgar and it was quite natural and later on could understand that it was definitely a major requirement for the movie to move on. People may have different opinions but this is how i take it! cheers always.