Roma:I have no regrets about my career

Roma:I have no regrets about my career


At one point of time, actress Roma was synonymous with bold and spunky characters in Malayalam cinema.

After a year-long hiatus, the actress is now back in the industry with director Diphan’s suspense thriller Satya, starring Jayaram. However, she doesn’t want to call it a comeback, and says she is perfectly fine with doing just one film a year, as long as she likes the character. In conversation with Roma:

You are back in Malayalam after a gap. How does it feel? It has been one year since I took up a Malayalam film. But I don’t look at it as a gap. In that case, I have had several gaps in the past 10 years. I don’t look at Diphan’s movie as a comeback either. It is just that I do a movie only if I like the character and the entire team. Just to be seen in movies, I don’t believe in taking up every role I get. Though one cannot predict the fate of a movie I want my character to stand out.

What made you take up Diphan’s film? What is your character in it? The movie has a wonderful team, with Diphan, Jayaram and A K Sajan. My character is quite different but it’s a suspense thriller so I can’t talk much about it. We have finished one schedule and the next schedule will be in Pollachi. I have acted with almost all the stars of Malayalam, but this is my first movie with Jayaram. He is an amazing actor, and is super talented.


Many actresses move to other South industries after their launch in Malayalam. But you were mostly active only in Mollywood… The fact that I have stuck to Malayalam for the past 10 years, says it all. I haven’t really thought of trying for roles in other industries, and have always accepted Malayalam as the place I want to be in. In fact, I can speak Malayalam better than my mother tongue. Everyone gets surprised when they hear my Malayalam. Not every North Indian girl can speak Malayalam this way, they say. I think it is due to some connection I had with Kerala in my previous births (laughs).

 The film Notebook is still remembered for you and Parvathy than the lead character done by Maria… Notebook wasn’t a conventional love story with a hero and a heroine. All the actors were equally important in the film. It was the script that stood out, and we were all characters. Maria didn’t pursue acting because she was more fond of dance. But Parvathy and I decided to continue in films because acting is our passion. I’m very happy for Parvathy, for winning the State Award.
You were synonymous with spunky outspoken characters … Will you do a timid or soft spoken character? It’s true that almost all the characters I have done are bubbly, positive and full of life. Actually it is just that every scriptwriter gives a touch of boldness and naughtiness to my characters. Even in the upcoming Satya, my character has those traits. I love doing such characters where the woman speaks up for herself. Every woman should be so in life, I believe, and it gives me satisfaction to do such roles. But I really have no dos or don’ts when it comes to picking a film. At the end of the day, I should feel proud of what I have done, whether the character is bold, cute or something else. I just follow my intuition.

So no regrets about your career so far? Absolutely none. I never planned to be an actor, and films just happened. Considering that, it has been a great journey so far, from Notebook to Chocolate to the film I’m doing now. I love dancing and have been doing stage programmes all this while, travelling around the world.


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