Rumour of Ajith suffering a heart attack is fake

Ajith fans spent a restless day yesterday, trying to find out as the news of Ajith not keeping well went viral online. And those spreading the news went straight for the jugular — saying the actor had been hospitalised as he had suffered a heart attack. They even went on to say that he was critical.

Thankfully, it turns out this news is as fake as faux fur! Apparently, some smart alec ‘created’ a fake Twitter account of Ajith’s manager, Suresh Chandra, using Photoshop to copy the look of his verified account, and then went on to spread all these rumours.

An angry Suresh told us, “I never thought people would go to such extremes to spread false news about actors. I was shocked when I saw that someone had created an account that looked exactly like mine (by copying a screenshot and smartly merging it as the account pic), with a status message saying Ajith has been hospitalised as he had suffered from a heart attack. I was totally upset, and immediately clarified on my ‘real’ account, saying all such rumours about Ajith’s health were baseless.”

He adds, “We are contemplating filing a complaint with the cyber cell about this incident and we will take necessary action. In fact, we have identified the miscreant who started all this. Once we get proof in our hands, we will definitely take action against that person.”

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