Santhanam undergoes special training

Santhanam undergoes special training


We ‘d told you how Santhanam’s latest film and Nagesh’s 1964 film share the same name. But even though both the films have nothing in common, director Anand Balki says Santhanam, who will be seen playing a catering student in the beginning of the movie, needs some practice to look his part.

 “In the movie, Santhanam’s journey in the food industry is the crux of the plot. It is an out-and-out ‘food’ film. There is hate, love and revenge and all of that is based on food,” says Anand, who, before becoming a filmmaker, completed a course in catering. The movie will also show the college life of students who study in a catering college. “I did my hotel management from Chennai, and I have tried to show the college life of catering students in the film. I wanted to show the audience the life of those behind those smart blazers and crisp saris that one gets to see in five star hotels,”he says.
As for Santhanam’s look and role, Anand says, “He is a foodie and he immediately agreed to do the film. Besides eating, he will be cooking a lot in the movie. He is also going to be trained in a five-star hotel for that purpose, as there will be scenes of him cooking. There is a certain way to keep the ladle, fold the napkin, place the fork, chop veggies, clear the table or serve water. So, he will have a special workshop in which to learn these tricks of the trade, and he is very enthusiastic about it. He is very keen to play the part thoroughly,” concludes Anand.

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