Satyananda gets revising committee clearance

Satyananda gets revising committee clearance

The controversial film ‘Satyananda’ that is billed as a film with strong shades of Swami Nityananda of Bidadi rejected by the Regional Censor Board has now been cleared by the Revising Committee headed by Smt Arundhati Nag with nine other members plus two retired judges and Chief Executive Officer of Mumbai. Kannada film ‘Satyananda’ by Madan Patel has been appreciated by the revising committee. It holds a mirror to the present day social life. Of course a few cuts have also been suggested by the revising committee. The censor board in Hyderabad has already cleared ‘Swami Satyananda’ film with a certificate and stated that the Kannada ‘Satyananda’ has to be cleared from court.

In a media address producer, director of ‘Satyananda’ Kannada cinema Madan Patel for facing severe problems from Regional Censor officer Nagaraju has filed a complaint at the union information and broad casting ministry and taken up a movement to send out ‘Swami Nityananda’ from Karnataka.

In a letter issued to the media Madan Patel sent copies of his letter to various organisations seeking the support of ‘Get Out Nityananda’ protest.

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