Sheena Shahabadi Profile

Actress Sheena Shahabadi Profile 

Born:Sheena Shahabadi
21st Nov (1982)
Occupation: Actress
Years active :2009-present

Biography:Sheena Shahabadi is a new face in the Bollywood diligence. Sheena’s Personal Life.
This Scorpion, born on 21st Nov, is actress Sadhana Singh’s girl, who starred opposite Sachin in Nadiya Ke Paar (1982) and her father is a producer. The actress ran away from home to wed a minor TV actor Vaibhav Gore, but they seperated in a few months a few months Career.

Director Satish Kaushik opted Sheena for his kidult film Teree Sang (2009). It is a love story based on Teenage Pregnancy, where she was reckoned with actor Ruslaan Mumtaz. Her side by side release is Fast Forward (2009), her co stars in this film are Rehan Khan, Sabina Sheema and Siddhant Karnick.

Sheena Shahabadi is a Hindi film actress who starred in the film Teree Sang. She is the daughter of actress Sadhana Singh, who acted in the movie Nadiya Ke Paar. She was married to Vaibhav Mohite. They are now divorced.

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