Shruti Haasan called Queen Elizabeth aunty!

Shruti Haasan called Queen Elizabeth aunty!

Shruti Haasan1

The fact that Queen Elizabeth spent 20 minutes at the MGR Film City in Madras, launching Kamal Ha​asan’s Rs 200-million mega project Marudanayagam in 1997 is rather well known. But an interesting anecdote that has been revealed by Kamal Haasan himself is that, his daughter Shruti Haasan, who was a kid then, said to him that she liked that aunty a lot.

Shruti Haasan

Talking about Queen Elizabeth​,​ he said that the ability she had to make a kid like Shruti Haasan to feel that way, in itself was an achievement, for someone who had come to India as an ordinary person, ​almost fifty years since our country had wrested its independence from British rule.

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