Shweta Menon:H’wood artistes get more time to prepare

Shweta Menon:H’wood artistes get more time to prepare


For Shweta Menon, acting in the film ‘Naval Enna Jewel’ was an eye opener in more ways than one.

Not only was working with a Hollywood actor like Reem Kadem a new experience, the work ethic of the industry also amazed her, she told us in a recent interview.
However, because of the kind of remuneration they receive, actresses in Hollywood are able to spend more time on a character than our artistes, Shweta adds. “In Hollywood they actually have that kind of time to spend on one character. We don’t have such infrastructure. Especially women get paid much less and so move from one set to the other within a short time. Financially we can’t afford to invest that much in a character.”

The reason why we don’t feel the lack of preparation time behind a role is that our actresses are that good, she adds. “Our female artistes are so good that we don’t feel their limitations. If we are also given that kind of budget and homework, we can make outstanding movies here,” Shweta concludes.

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