Shweta Prasad speaks on behalf of Radhika Apte

Shweta Prasad speaks on behalf of Radhika Apte

Shweta Prasad

Not too long ago did Shweta Prasad who won the National awards as a child artist found herself at the vortex of a sex scandal. The young actress seems to have come out in support of actress Radhika Apte, whose frontal nude pictures have created buzz among the film industry and fans. Radhika Apte’s nude images, which she shot for a short film by director Anurag Kashyap, have been leaked online and doing the rounds on WhatsApp.

Speaking to newspaper Shweta Prasad has supposedly said that she had assisted Anurag on the film and is proud of the content. Lashing out at the culprit, Shweta is quoted as saying that the nude shot was asexual, innocent and beautiful and that to tear it out of context and use it for titillation was shameful. Talking about the experience shooting for the scene, Shweta reminisces that Anurag had ensured that there was no one except two women present on the sets.

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She added that Anurag has a daughter and he is deeply sensitive to issues regarding the violation of a woman’s private space. Taking up for Radhika, the actress in question, Shweta says that she salutes her as a woman and as an actor as she knew how deeply affected by the scene. Shweta also asserted that seeing the manner in which things have unraveled, she feels that the decision of not showing the short film in India was correct.

Interstingly, alleged nude selfie pictures of Radhika Apte had also gone viral a few months ago. The pictures show a woman posing nude and clicking selfies in a bathroom.


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