Smart Couple Suriya, Jyotika to act in a film together this year

Smart Couple Suriya, Jyotika to act in a film together this year

Suriya, Jyotika

A a recent event to announce the star cricket fundraising tournament for the Nadigar Sangam, Suriya mentioned that he will be acting with Jyotika in a film very soon. The last time the couple came together was a decade ago for Sillunu Oru Kaadhal. While he did not elaborate on this, we did some digging and this is what we learnt about their plan.

Suriya, Jyotika1

 There is speculation that the couple will be coming together for the film that Kuttram Kadithal director Bramma will be making with Jyotika. Suriya, too, has been spotted in the discussion sessions of this film frequently. We spoke to Bramma but he remained non-committal. “Talks are on for my project with Jyotika, but there are a few things that we would like to keep confidential. Nothing is confirmed yet,” he maintained.
A source close to the actor also told us that Suriya and Jyotika have not finalised on a project yet. “But they are looking to finalise on a project latest by May. This will not involve just cameo appearances by either of them, but they will be seen in full-length roles,” the source added.

So, will it be Bramma’s film or an entirely new project for the star couple’s onscreen reunion? Watch this space.

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