Sreenath Bhasi as Paavam Gujarati and angry IT employee

Sreenath Bhasi as Paavam Gujarati and angry IT employee

Every time they say Sreenath Bhasi’s career is over, the actor comes up with something which makes him the darling of the audiences again. His role as the rebellious younger brother in Jacobinte Swargarajyam earlier this year was one such and Sreenath is back in the limelight. The actor has yet another interesting role coming up, in Khalid Rahman’s next film. He plays a Gujarati youngster settled in Mattancherry, who, he says, is “more mallu than most Malayalis”.

His character, Kishan Lal, runs a sweet shop in Mattancherry. “It’s his father’s shop, and he is a sensitive, paavam kind of guy, a mandan.” Although Sreenath is a Kochi native, it was a surprise to him to know there were so many Gujarati’s here, he says. “While shooting for the film, I met a friend of mine in the shop that we shot in for a scene. He was my senior but I never knew he was a Gujarati!”

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The film, he adds, is a family entertainer. “It has a lot of interesting characters played by Soubin, Asif and a fresh face Rajisha. All of them are my friends and so it was fun doing the film.”

Meanwhile, the actor says he is ‘humbled’ by the responses he received for his performance in Jacobinte Swargarajyam. “I got lots of messages from people saying they could relate to the character. It is humbling to know someone who doesn’t know you could relate to your act. After the first show, I was stepping out of the theatre, and a youngster came up to me. But he couldn’t say anything and I told him, ‘I know, I understand’. At times like this, it feels like it makes sense to be an actor, we all aspire to influence people through our work.”
Sreenath, who is basically a musician, admits that many people don’t know about it. “I am making my own music and planning a big surprise for everyone,” he signs off.

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