Sshivada`s next is a supernatural thriller

Sshivada`s next is a supernatural thriller


Actress Sshivada has just got married, but she seems to be in no mood to let that affect her career.
The actress’ next is a Tamil romantic supernatural thriller titled Zero and will see her play a ‘possessed’ woman. Its director Shiv Mohan says, “Her role is that of a homemaker and is quite an ordinary personality, when not possessed by an entity. She mostly appears in Indian costumes, but we have also incorporated some Western clothing for the ‘possessed’ portions.” An excited Sshivada says that the film allowed her to explore more of her acting skills. “My character’s name is Priya and in order to prepare for the role, I was given quite a few references, which really helped. Unlike how it is generally done in Kollywood supernatural-themed movies, I don’t have to act all insane, shout or scream. This one required a more subtle performance.” Similar to her real life, the character of the film is also “just married”.

She adds, “In the portions in which I portray the homemaker, I am yet another woman with traditional values.” Mankatha fame Aswin Kakkamanu is the male lead of Zero, which has Chennai and Kodaikanal as the main locations.

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