Sshivada`s next project will be suspense thriller

Sshivada`s next project will be suspense thriller


After winning over the audience through her speech therapist act in Su…Su…Sudhi Vathmeekam, actress Sshivada heads to K-Town again, this time to play a lead role in Ula fame Rajan Madhav’s movie titled Khattam.


The actress plays Revathy, a bubbly and strong woman who is one of the three major characters in the movie, while actors Nivas and Nandan enact the other two roles. The director says, “The story unfolds within a day and Sshivada has a single look throughout the movie. Revathy is a modern woman who is the wife of Nivas’ character.” Apparently, the director had auditioned Sshivada for Ula and though he couldn’t incorporate her in the film, he made sure her talent is made use of in Khattam. “I conducted an acting workshop for other actors of Khattam and being sure of Sshivada’s potential, didn’t bother to include her. However, she called up and took initiative to join the camp, and was with us for 10 days.”
As for the actress, she reveals the script excites her. “It is quite a Hollywood type screenplay with many twists and turns and I’m excited to do a character that is quite unlike the ones I have already played.” The movie is currently on its final schedule and is expected to be released in March, next year.

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