State has become fertile land for terrorism: K.M. Mani


KOCHI: Kerala Congress(M) leader K.M. Mani has said the State government should bring out a white paper on terrorist activities that have been reported from the State and the steps taken to check such activities. Talking to presspersons here on Monday, Mr. Mani said the government had failed to bring to book those involved in extremist activities. The government should also come out with an action taken report. These measures were required to create a sense of security in the people, he said.

The government’s failure to ensure law and order had made Kerala a fertile land for terrorist activities. An all-party meeting should be convened to discuss the terrorism-related incidents, Mr. Mani said.The government’s move to issue new title deeds to the farmers of the High Range after cancelling the old ones was a cheap political move, he said. The Supreme Court had earlier ratified the validity of the title deeds issued by the United Democratic Front government. The government should withdraw the decision, as it would put hundreds of the farmers in misery.

Mr. Mani was also critical about the government’s decision to ratify the ‘Ravindran title deeds.’ These title deeds, along with the ‘Vrindavan title deeds’ distributed in Idukki district, were found to be invalid. The Revenue Minister’s declaration that the Ravindran deeds would be made valid amounted to favouritism. The UDF government had initiated steps for providing pension to advocate clerks. The Law Minister’s statement that a pension scheme would be introduced for the clerks was an attempt to fool people. The government, which had failed in all spheres of governance, was attempting to put the blame on officials including District Collectors, Mr. Mani said.

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