State will be fully electrified during the LDF govt: Minister

Thrissur: Power Minister A. K. Balan has said the State will be fully electrified during the current term of the LDF government.He was addressing a meeting here on Monday to declare the Thrissur Assembly constituency fully electrified.

“Of the 14 Assembly constituencies in Thrissur district, 13 have been fully electrified. With Chalakudy constituency too being so, the district will be fully electrified,” he said.He said the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests had gone back on its initial word on the Athirappilly power project. “After comprehensive studies and public hearing over 16 years, the Union government had granted environmental clearance to the project. The State government had spent crores of rupees for carrying out these studies. The Union Minister now finds fault with the project. The Centre’s stand will cause power crisis in the State.”

He claimed that hydel projects indirectly protected environment, forests and wildlife, and preserved water.“Because of regulated release of water from Upper Sholayar, Sholayar and Poringalkuttu dams after power generation, there is substantial flow to the Athirappilly waterfalls and to the Chalakudy river even during summer. Without these reservoirs, the forests and wildlife in the region may not survive as rainwater flows to the sea immediately after monsoon. Take the case of Bharathapuzha. Two months after monsoon, the river dries up,” he said.

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