Sudev Nair shares his thoughts!

Sudev Nair shares his thoughts!

Sudev Nair

For Mumbai Malayali Sudev Nair, life changed overnight when he won the State Award for the best actor in 2014.

Many projects were announced with him as the lead in no time. But it looks like the blue-eyed hunk didn’t let that go to his head. With careful selections of projects and roles Sudev seems to be taking each step slowly but with conviction.

 A volleyball player who was even the captain of his college team, he had a blast acting in Deepu Karunakaran’s upcoming movie Karimkunnam Sixes. Sudev says, “I play a character called Ikru in the movie. We just finished shooting for the film and I savoured every moment of it! Our last scene was shot in the Jimmy George stadium in Trivandrum. We also had the Indian volleyball team’s coach Harilal sir as our consultant. I felt extremely lucky to play in that stadium, that too under the tutelage of such a professional. What we shot there was like a proper match and Harilal sir even said that it became quite a professional game at the end!”
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 Interestingly, some of the actors along with him used to go early to the stadium and practise, for the love of the game. “We used to train for more than an hour, before the shoot. The teams consisted of both professional players and actors who can play volleyball. Sudheer Karamana, Padmaraj Ratheesh, Gregory Jacob, Babu Antony and Baiju were part of the team,” says the actor.
 Did his co-star and coach in the movie, Manju Warrier, pick up some volleyball skills too? “Oh yes. She was fast to learn the mannerisms of a coach. She didn’t have to play much but had to only instruct us. She came across as a very jovial artiste,” says Sudev, who would next be playing a student leader in debutante Jeevan Das’ film.
Ask him why he did not sign all the projects that came his way, and Sudev says, “Yes, I am very selective. At least 25 to 30 scripts had come offering me the lead role. So far, I have only selected subjects that have thrilled me. For me, that is a very important aspect. I sign a film only if I am convinced about the relevance of the subject.”
The Anarkali actor, who had also directed a mockumentary recently, is currently busy writing its second season.

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