T.V Chandran’s next- `Purathekulla vazhi’

original_tv-chandran_49356279b5c1bT.V Chandran will be directing ‘Purathaekulla vazhi’, which will include stories from Kakkanadan’s novels ‘Thulavarsham’, ‘Pravachakan’, ‘Harkishan sooth’ and ‘Mascreenasintae maranam’ . ‘Purathaekulla vazhi’ is the title of one of Kaakkanadan’s short stories.

But here only the title of the story will be taken for the title of the film. Jayaram is the hero. He will don the role of Gopala Krishnan, the name of the character in the novel ‘Thulavarsham’.

The pooja of the film was performed at Kakkanadans residence at Iravipuram near Kollam. The characters of his novel belonged to last century, but in contrast the characters in the film will be of new era.

The film will begin with the introduction of Kakkanadan. The scene was shot in Kakanadan’s house ‘Archana’. T.V Chandran himself had scripted. Madhu Ambat will crank the camera.

Under the banner of Sangha Chitra Creations, Non Resident Keralites, C.N Preman, Jayadevan and Salim are producing the film. Shoot will begin on 5th of August at Kuttanad. Delhi is another location. Other cast and more details are yet to come.

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