The curious case behind the leak of Simbu’s cussy ‘Beep Song’

The curious case behind the leak of Simbu’s cussy ‘Beep Song’


Simbu is, once again, in the midst of a controversy. This time, it’s because one his songs, which was recently leaked ANIRUDh41online.Composed by Anirudh and sung by STR, the song, being called Beep Song, opens like this Enna P*****ku Love Panrom (EPLP). Though it went viral online, some section of the audience and personalities like James Vasanthan and writer Charu Nivedita, condemned the song for its untimely release and content. Though the offensive word has been beeped out even in the song, they contend that one can clearly understand what the word is. But never one to take a controversy lying down, Simbu is infuriated by this brouhaha over the song, and alleges that his privacy has been invaded.

“Had I released this song officially, or had I used it in one of my films, yes, people have the right to ques tion me. But no one can ques tion me on what I do at my home, in private, with my friends. Someone has invaded my privacy, stolen my song from me and leaked it out on the internet. How on earth am I responsible for this? I am not arguing about the right or wrong of the lyrics at all, I am not debating whether my song is listen-able or not; I have never worried about such things in my life. My point is, I personally love music, and have been jamming with Anirudh and fa few other musician friends for years, and have also composed over 100 songs. I have written random songs, like Life Eh Pidikala, other songs which do have swear words as part of the lyrics, but all of them have been kept strictly personal and private till date,” rages Simbu.

He also takes on those who are demanding an explanation from him. “I want to ask those demanding an explanation from me over this song.When I did Love Anthem, a song promoting world peace, where were they? I brought Akon to popularise the song, but these same people didn’t utter a word of appreciation. They say that EPLP will have a bad influence on kids. Well, we also have porn on the net! It’s parents who must choose what their kids must watch. Also, how does anyone think I would have `released’ this song when thousands in Chennai are suffering? I have a question for them: Why when such a situation prevails in Chen nai are they even talking about this song? Anirudh and I com posed this song a year-and-a half ago, and we planned to change the lyrics to some thing like Enna Dash’ku Love Panrom before releas ing it. They say they are `an gry’… Shouldn’t I be the one who should be angry about this whole issue?, ” asks Sim bu, and continues, “And lastly, the song apparently portrays women in a bad light. I say, listen to women in a bad light. I say , listen to it carefully. I might have used swear words, but what the lyrics imply is, blame love, not the girls. It’s so stupid, I am chumma sitting at home, and these people still drag me into this! Thanks for this free publicity , I say.”


Composer James Vasanthan, had this to say in his blog, about the song, “What one does in private is absolutely their right, but what one does in public matters to a society at large. We, as a part of the civilised society have to know our limits and do things with restraint. I’m talking about the vulgar song released by SimbuAnirudh. When someone told me such a song has been released online, I didn’t believe it first. But when I heard it to verify I couldn’t believe it for a moment. It is totally unacceptable in any standards. I vehemently condemn this song. Simbu, the extraordinarily talented youngster doesn’t have to go this far to grab attention. And Anirudh, who has been making waves recently, with loads of projects in hand need not indulge in such work to please youngsters. There are millions of little boys and girls who are idolising you people. They look at you like their heroes. Whether you want it or not, they are also watching and listening to you. Whether you like it or not, you have a responsibility to cater to them, too…”

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