Those who lost polls still engaging in vote-bank politics: PM

Narendra Modi

In a veiled attack on Congress and SP, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today accused them of continuing to practice vote-bank politics to divide society and asserted that disturbance of peace and harmony will not be tolerated.

‘BJP never accepts incidents (of violence) which are taking place in the country. Peace, unity and harmony are the pre-requisites for progress and there will be no compromise on this.

‘Those who have suffered a massive defeat in the elections are still not able to desist from engaging in old vote-bank politics. They are engaged in disturbing the social fabric,’ Modi said addressing the BJP’s National Council meeting here.

His attack on rivals without naming them comes against the backdrop of BJP being accused of fanning communal violence in Uttar Pradesh.

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, who stormed the Well of the Lok Sabha to demand debate on rising communal violence, has said the violence in UP was ‘artificially and deliberately engineered’.

In this hour, Modi said, BJP workers will have to play a crucial role to ensure communal and national unity so that the nation moves forward.

‘When the country makes progress, its 125 crore people make progress,’ he said.

Talking about his government which was formed after BJP’s landslide victory, the Prime Minister said ‘different and tough yardsticks’ are being applied to gauge its performance.

‘Those who have not done anything for 60 years are asking for our account of 60 days,’ he said attacking Congress yet again.

‘We are judged by different and tough yardsticks. I don’t know why it is happening. Only time will tell. But we should accept this challenge. It is good for us that we are judged by stringent yardstick. We will pass the test,’ Modi said.

‘I have myself come out of 14 years of trial,’ said the former Gujarat Chief Minister who was constantly under attack over the 2002 riots.

Noting that people have given their verdict through the ballot, he said, ‘it is our turn now’ and ‘we will adequately fulfill the aspirations of people.’

Contending that things have started changing after 60 days of BJP coming to power, Modi said, ‘we will be successful in bringing about the change.. we have to have faith in ourselves. We will never bow before adversities.’

He said after being at the helm of government for 60 days, he has got the grasp of things and is confident that major tasks can be executed.

Modi said that outlook of the world towards India has changed because BJP has come to power with full majority. ‘It reposes confidence in them (foreign countries),’ he said.

He underlined the need for taking advantage globally of the fact that BJP has got such a big majority.

Taking a dig at his rivals, he said questions were asked as to ‘who knows Modi outside Gujarat’ but ‘people were in a mood to give and they gave’.

The Prime Minister admitted that he knew very little about Delhi or Parliament before winning the elections but after 60 days, he was confident of fulfilling the expectations of the people.

He recalled that at the start of the election campaign he had started saying that BJP should get 300 seats on its own. ‘Some of my colleagues said why I am talking about numbers.

But I felt that people had made up their mind to vote for BJP and just wanted someone to ask for it,’ said Modi who led the party’s campaign as its Prime Ministerial candidate.

Modi suggests that BJP should dedicate each year to promoting social causes like energy conservation, toilets, girl child education.

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