Tips to remove dark underarms

Dark underarms is a very common problem. Most of us, especially in the summer, like to wear sleeveless clothing. We naturally cannot do so until our underarms are free of hair, and so we get the hair removed. However, anyone who gets their underarms waxed regularly knows that one cannot re-wax the underarms until the hair has grown out substantially, and this is where the problem lies. Unfortunately, everytime we get our underarms waxed, our armpits are completely free of hair for a few days, maybe a week. But then the hair starts growing back and we reach a stage when we cannot wear sleeveless any longer, and neither can we get the hair removed as it is still too short for waxing! So while some of us grab our dresses with sleeves for the remainder of the month, others pick up the razor.


While there is nothing wrong with shaving off hair from the underarm region, the underarm region does tend to get darker especially with Indian women, since they have black or brown hair. This hair is not pulled out from the roots, and so it is often visible below the skin even after shaving, especially if you are light-skinned. If you have not had any problems with shaving your underarms, and if your armpits have not darkened, you can continue shaving them.

Hair removal creams

Using hair removal creams on your underarms regularly will darken the region as the hair is not getting removed from the root, and is still present under the skin. In addition the chemicals often darken and burn the skin with prolonged use.

Hair removal creams contain harsh chemicals. Think about it. The chemical is strong enough to literally melt the hair away. Sure, moisturizing elements are added to most hair removal creams to sooth the skin but there is no doubt that your skin too will feel the harsh effects of the chemical. While the use of hair removal creams is okay once in a while, don?t make it a habit. So if you are planning to wear a sexy sari for your cousin?s wedding and your entire stomach area will be exposed, you could consider removing the hair from your tummy with the help of a hair removal lotion.


Waxing removes hair from the roots, so no hair is left under the skin. As a result, the ?shadow? on your underarms that sometimes remains after shaving hair, is not usually present after waxing. It is present sometimes when the hair breaks instead of coming out from the roots, or when the hair has not grown out completely so it cannot be waxed out. However, over a period of time, with regular waxing, your underarms will remain free of hair for longer each time and after some years you will forget that you ever had a problem of dark underarms. 

In addition to removing hair from the roots, waxing also removes dead skin. Your armpits contain thousands of dead skin cells, and this is especially true if you have dry skin. Apply a light moisturizing lotion every night, and scrub your underarm region with a pumice stone daily, while taking a shower.


If you feel you must remain hair-free on a daily basis, instead of shaving the hair invest in an epilator. It is not very painful if you remove hair when it is still very small, and if you do so every few days. Your underarms will remain hair-free and clean.


Dark underarms could also be caused by regular use of deos and anti-perpirants, so try and keep your underarm region deo-free when you at home, and apply it on if you feel you need to. Instead of applying your deo when stepping out in the morning, apply it in the afternoon, when you feel you need to do so. If you are wearing sleeveless however, apply an anti-perspirant, and wash if off when you reach home.

If your underarm region is itchy or inflamed, you may have a bacterial infection and may need to apply a light medicated cream or anti-fungal powder.

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