Unni Mukundan is on cloud nine

Unni Mukundan is on cloud nine

Unni Mukundan

Unni Mukundan is on cloud nine. The reason is that the actor has recently shared screen space with Mammopotyy in the upcoming movie Fireman. The movie which is said to be a thriller will be seen Unni playing the adventurous life of a Fireman.

In his recent post the actor shares his happiness to take part in a Megastar flick. “I’m done playing my part in the Fireman as Shajahan .So happy and satisfied Got to meet some really hardworking and passionate filmmakers. To the entire directorial department, I extend my gratitude, ’twas lovely being with you all. The DOP and the crew !! It’s fantastic to be with a Dynamic Young Team, feeling Thrilled And Positive:),” he wrote on his social networking page.

Unni Mukundan1

Unni further adds “Sharing space and Standing next to the Megastar has always given me goosebumps. It was just the same during Bombay March 12 and it was no different this time too .Mammukka as handsome as ever and fit !! ”


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