Uttar Pradesh Police book 9-year-old boy for ‘disturbing law and order’

Uttar Pradesh Police

It may sound incredible, but the Tundla police in Firozabad district of Uttar Pradesh have booked a Class III student, all of nine years, under sections 107/116 of CrPC for “disturbing the law and order” situation in his village.

His lawyer, DC Verma, told TOI that the child was granted bail on Thursday after the family approached the district court on Wednesday. The boy’s father was also arrested.

On July 18, cattle owned by the boy’s family strayed into a nearby field in Kurra village and destroyed crops. This led to a fight between the minor and another boy. Soon, the two families got drawn into the argument.

On August 5, cops came to the boy’s house and picked him up along with his father. “Police took the boy and his father away without even giving them a chance to be heard,” a relative said.

Cops have denied that they kept the child in their custody. The circle officer (CO) of Tundla police station, KS Rana, said the boy was not detained. “He was only made to sit in the police station with his father for a few hours,” Rana said.

The officer, however, admitted that the police were wrong in lodging a non-cognizable report (NCR) with such serious sections of CrPC against a minor.

“We have set up an inquiry in the matter,” the CO said. “Action will be taken against the sub-inspector who lodged this complaint without proper investigation.”

DIG Vijay Singh Meena, when asked about the incident, said he was not aware of the case, but would look into it.


On July 18, a fight breaks out between two kids after cattle owned by one of them strays into the other’s field and destroys crops.

Police come to the village, Kurra, in Tundla on August 5 and arrest one of the boys, a 9-year-old Class III student, along with his father. They are both charged under Section 107/116 of the CRPC for disturbing law and order.

On August 7, after approaching the district court on August 6, the boy and his father get.

Police on August 7 set up an inquiry into the matter.

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