Vasundra showing off her biking skills

Vasundra showing off her biking skills

Vasundra, who was last seen in Sonna Puriyathu, is busy showing off her biking skills in her upcoming film, Buddhan Yesu Gandhi. The film directed by Vetrivel Chandrasekar is a thriller. Vasundra plays an investigative journalist for a Tamil newspaper. A couple of scenes involve her riding a bike on the busy roads of Chennai. Despite not knowing how to ride a bike, Vasundra pulled off the sequences with ease. Vetrivel says, “She plays a serious role and her character demands her to be a rider. I was aware that she drives a car and so, I was under the impression that she could ride a bike, too. Later, she told me that she couldn’t. Since those sequences were important to the film, I told her to learn quickly. In a matter of two days, she learnt to ride.”

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The director himself was a journalist for over 10 years. “Since I was a reporter myself, I developed my lead characters as reporters. While Vasundra’s role is intense, Ashok, who plays her love interest, has a jolly side. He is a feature writer. An assignment unfolds and that’s when both of them come together to solve the issue. Kishore plays a prisoner in the film. In fact, it is for his role that they both will come together,” elaborates Vetrivel.

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