Published On: Fri, Jul 29th, 2011

Manchadi (Manjadi ) – Poopy — Buy at

Manchadi (Manjadi ) – Poopy — Buy at

Click here to Buy the Video – Children's animation video series available at

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  1. DwainCorley says:


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    looking for distributors.

  3. angeo007 says:

    why dont folks here consult the latest meaning of the word ‘poop’ or ‘poopy’. it means shit…… and lil mallu kids will watch this and follow it and parents of these mallu kids will often use this in their conversation and ultimately talk about poop, poopy ……….seriously IGNORANCE IS BLISS IN THIS STATE.

  4. TheBrendude says:

    @jaxon12kh Lol, he says he’s scared, “FOOL! YOU ARE NOT TO BE AFRAID OF THEM. STUPID PUPPY”

  5. hitmaneidos says:

    @jaxon12kh not really. the exact meaning is lost in translation.

  6. Kuginame says:

    i searched up ‘poopy’ and this is wht came up

  7. I typed in poopy and this came up… i am so confused

  8. how did i get here……..

  9. Dweeeeeezy09 says:

    thumbs up if you just typed poopy…

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Manchadi (Manjadi ) – Poopy — Buy at