Vijay Babu, Sandra Thomas decide to settle issue amicably


Vijay Babu, Sandra Thomas decide to settle issue amicably


Vijay Babu and Sandra Thomas’s friendship status has turned multiple shades darker and lighter within just a week’s time. The friends, who had turned foes, over a spat regarding the partnership of their production house, have gotten back to being friends again within the blink of an eye!

What started with a police complaint filed on Vijay Babu for abusing Sandra Thomas, ended up with a recent confession made by both of them on their social networking pages that it is not the end, after all. Well, this has surely left everyone baffled. Vijay Babu’s recent post says, “It’s over! We will sort betweenourself. Issue started on a Tuesday… Sorted on Friday! Friday film house continues.., Sandra will be my friend and partner forever . As friends, we will not forgive the so called people who tried to aggravate a small issue (Simple English) .”
Sandra Thomas has now implied through her post about the involvement of ‘toxic friends’, who had taken advantage of the situation.

If things were all that fine between the two, one wonders why a case of abuse was filed in the first place and a public announcement was made by Vijay Babu, which goes like this, “Friends, a fake case is filed against me by my most trusted partner and her husband for the sake for taking over business property which I disputed. I shall prove it otherwise and will be fine. Thank you for the concerns. Shall update , ” , and the entire drama has panned out to be a very juvenile act.

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