Vineeth Sreenivasan:Saving Earth in their own way

Vineeth Sreenivasan:Saving Earth in their own way

Vineeth Sreenivasan

If you thought celebrities are too busy with their careers and public appearances to care for the environment, you might be wrong.

not littering public places to taking up veganism, these celebs have been silently contributing to make the world a better and greener place to live in. On World Environment Day today, Kochi Times chats up with a few of them on how they do their bit for Mother Nature:

I wish cleanliness would become a way of life: Vineeth Sreenivasan

We can all set an example by not littering. In my younger days, I wasn’t mindful about the harm it would cause to the environment.
But over the past few years, I ensure that the waste is disposed properly and it has now become a habit of sorts. These small acts make a lot of difference and you realise that when you travel to other countries.

My wife and I had visited Croatia last year. Compared to our country, their economy is in shambles and the population is largely unemployed. But on the surface you wouldn’t know that. The streets, buildings, heritage sites and churches are so well-maintained. There aren’t any fines imposed on those who litter in Croatia, unlike in Middle Eastern countries, which are squeaky clean because of law enforcement. But the Croats there know better and cleanliness has become a way of life for them. We too should practise the same.
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If we cut down trees, we should also take the initiative to plant more: Indrajith

Global warming is a major threat to our planet. Take the case of Kochi itself — the temperature has been soaring every year and this summer we even touched 40 degree Celsius, which is the highest so far. Yet, we are cutting down trees to make way for new buildings. So, it is the need of the hour to preserve our environment. I strongly believe that if we cut down trees, we should also take the initiative to plant more. The onus should be on each individual to take the effort to maintain and increase the green cover rather than depend on the government. This can be done at schools, colleges or even as a small group in your neighbourhood. Everyone must be responsible for protecting our

From a vegetarian I turned vegan : Sai Pallavi

I can’t bear to see garbage in public places and also make sure that my family doesn’t litter places. Even if they do, I pick it up for them so that they learn a lesson and don’t repeat it next time. There are even times when they would throw it purposely and say ‘Now let’s see whether she will pick it up,’ I will, and they will feel bad! Whenever I get a chance I reinforce these things into them.
I have planted trees around my house and my farm house, and I’m also interested in such initiatives done in a large scale. I don’t let my parents cut trees either.
I have been a vegetarian since my birth and recently, I turned vegan. Till a month ago, I used to take curd but now, I am keeping away from all animal products.
I advocate vegetarianism, whenever I get a chance. Not that I try to force the idea into people, I try to substantiate with my own example. Though I have been a vegetarian all my life, I am quite strong and healthy and hope that I inspire at least a few!

I try to keep the surroundings of my home and beyond, clean: Unni Mukundan
 I treat my neighbourhood as my extended home and try to keep the surroundings clean. The general mind-set is to keep our premises clean and the area beyond that, dirty. Keeping our neighbourhood clean along with our homes can bring down our health issues and solve many health hazards that we suffer from. So, I think we must definitely cultivate the habit of cleanliness among young children.
 I try to have organic food, whenever possible: Nikki Galrani

I believe in using organic products and I love organic food! If not hard pressed for time, I would have grown my own vegetables too. What I try to do on a daily basis is abstain from littering, and that is the least anyone can do. I would say that anyone who wishes to do something for the environment should start off with this simple step, for small drops make an ocean.

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