Visuals of Suni talking on phone in jail recovered

A police team probing the actress assault case has received visuals of accused Sunil Kumar (Pulsar Suni) making calls from a cell phone inside the district jail at Kakkanad. The visuals also clearly show co-prisoners who witnessed him making the calls.

This has made the evidence provided by co-prisoners including Jinson quite crucial. The probe team found in the jail CCTV, visuals from the day on which Jinson claims Suni called director Nadirshah. Forensic experts from Thiruvananthapuram supported the probe team in examining the jail CCTV visuals.

They found visuals of Suni making calls sitting inside the lock-up and also when he went out for a bath. It is understood that police on Tuesday collected more evidence from other prisoners who were with Suni in the jail.

The probe team also checked in detail records at the jail to ascertain who all had visited Suni, apart from lawyers. The Info Park police had filed a case against Suni after jail superintendent Jayakumar filed a complaint against Suni for using a mobile phone in jail.

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