We are only heroes in his films: Kamal Haasan

We are only heroes in his films: Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan and IV Sasi have been friends for over 35 years. He had promised him last year that if he won an award, he would be there for him. And he kept his promise to be there for his friend when he was being awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Britannia Filmfare awards in Chennai on Friday night.

Kamal Haasan1Kamal Haasan looked stunning in his veshti and had each and every star and fan’s heads turned when he walked in. One of the cutest moments of the evening was his daughter Shruti Haasan taking a selfie with her Bapuji. Talking about Sasi, Kamal Haasan said, ‘Thank you, Sasi. We promised ourselves probably 35-40 years ago that we will be in this limelight and we kept that promise. We were friends and never thought that our journey was going to be this long. He has done so much for the Malayalam industry. We know Sasi but we know very little about what he is all about. My mentor Mr Balachander used to ask me, ‘How does he conceive of his shot? Does he come with his storyboard? Does he come and make it off-the-cuff?’ And when I told him that he makes up his shot as we go along, he couldn’t believe me. Sasi had been only my friend and director till then, but it is only when Mr Balachander asked me about him, I realised how important Sasi was. We have done a lot of films together and I have even been his second assistant in a film. His wife Seema was also my dance student. Can you imagine Sasi has made 100 films in 20 years. He is a hero. Our hero. We are only heroes in his films.”


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