Where is Ameer’s friend Anar? Now, Assam police join manhunt

Where is Ameer

The search for the companion of Ameer ul­Islam, who was accused of killing Jisha in her house near Perumbavoor, proves to be a daunting task for the police forces of Assam and Kerala.

The Assam police have roped in the Crime Investigation Department to look for Anar ul­Islam, who went off the radar after he said he was returning to Kerala. The CID sleuths were brought in as tens of thousands of people live in Assam without a clear address or identity proof, a senior officer in the Assam police said. All police stations in the state have been given instructions to be on the lookout for the laborer, he added.

The police searched extensively in the Nagaon district, where the two laborers lived before they went to Kerala in search of work. Though there is no evidence connecting Anar to the murder, the police expects him to provide crucial information related to the case. The Assam police think Anar is still in Assam but he keeps moving to avoid detection.

He reached Assam after the murder on April 28. Though he was summoned to the police station once, he slipped through the cracks. Senior Kerala police officer P.K. Madhu will return from Assam on Thursday.

He was sent to Assam after a Kerala Police team could not make any headway in collecting evidence related to Anar even after two weeks of search. Some of the cops will stay put though.

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