Wonderful Journey Review

Director: Dileep Thomas
Music Director:
Cast: Baburaj, Devan, Radha Verma

Wonderful Journey

Some things in life simply cannot be averted, they say. I do agree, what with the late night show of ‘Wonderful Journey’ getting WJ3cancelled yesterday night and me courageously venturing out for it yet again today noon, only to embark on one of the most horrendous journeys I have ever gone for in my entire life.

A group of IT professionals have done astonishingly well on a project, which makes their boss decide to send them on a pleasure trip to a dense forest near Wayanad. They are having a true blast inside the forest when one of them rubs one of the tribal women the wrong way. With the angry tribal lot hot on their heels, they flee for their lives, only to realize at the end of the day that one among them has gone missing.

‘Wonderful Journey’ reminds you of one of those films in the early 90’s that were set against a forest backdrop, which told the same tale in a hundred different ways. Here the sleaze is infinitely less, though one is taken aback for sure, to see a tribal dance reminiscent of the ancient and almost extinct cabaret, in a film released in 2015.WJ2

It would be quite adequate to state that this is a journey that will haul out the very last bit of patience from you, with almost everything in the film working against it. It would have been sufferable if the story by itself was insane, but here there is not a sequence in it that will tempt you to stay put.

With Baburaj and Radha Verma splashed all over the posters, it was surprising to see neither of them making an entry until the half way point. When they finally do, one wishes that they had never arrived in the first place, for the two of them cast in the roles of cops in charge of solving a murder mystery merely embarrass themselves.

There are plenty of surprises when it comes to the twists and turns in the plot, and they astonish you not on account of their inventiveness, but on account of the casualness with which they have taken the audience for granted.

It’s a dismal scene to see the film trying to bring in some horror by pushing in some very predictable and time tested scenes into the narrative. There is also an attempt to build up some suspense, which falls flat on its face and
which will have you shaking your head in disbelief.

WJ1The acting is evenly bad, when it comes to the newcomers, and all of them simply leave you aghast with bad to worse performances. That they are neither aided by a sturdy script or sensible dialogues only add to their woes. I would prefer to remain silent on the technicalities as well, though I do wish the editor had gone at it with a bit more of a vengeance.

‘Wonderful Journey’ is one of the most misdirecting titles as yet for a film this year. Anything but wonderful, this is an absolute cinematic misadventure that will have you pulling out your hair strands in no time.

(0.5 out of 5 (Poor)

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