Working class unity can bring social revolution: Minister

6KANNUR: A split in the labour movement is affecting progressive movements in the country, Minister for Food and Civil Supplies Minister C. Divakaran has said. Inaugurating a workers’ conference organised here on Sunday in connection with the 70th anniversary of the Communist Party of India, Mr. Divakaran said the division in the working class movement after the split in the Communist movement proved costly for the progressive movement. Observing that working class unity was the only guarantee for social revolution, he said dividing the working class was the agenda of imperialist forces.

Admitting that socialist movements had faced setbacks across the world, the Minister said those should be lessons for Communists. An anti-Communist ‘hysteria’ after the collapse of the Soviet Union had overwhelmed even party workers, he said.Marxism was being misinterpreted by its enemies.The Communist concept of ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ was an idea often used by anti-Marxists to cast aspersion on Communists, he said.

Observing that bourgeoisie democracy was also a type of dictatorship, Mr. Divakaran said dictatorship of the proletariat did not necessarily mean that all its opponents would be suppressed.There would not be a struggle-free society until there was a system that would end exploitation, he said.The CPI’s aim was to capture power that would bring about comprehensive social changes, he added.

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