Working with Mammooty was intimidating:Huma Qureshi

Working with Mammooty was intimidating:Huma Qureshi

Huma Qureshi

Huma Qureshi, who is starring opposite Mammooty in her debut Malayalam film, says that while working with Mammooty was intimidating, the actor did everything in his power to make her more comfortable on the sets. Talking about her first experience of working with Mammooty, she told a leading daily, “It was very nice. He is a megastar with so many years of experience, and of course the multiple National Awards so it was intimidating, of course. But he is a very lovely human being, and a nice, helpful co-star.

Huma Qureshi1

Huma says that Mammooty helped her out with her Malayalam diction. As someone who does not know the language, it was a challenge for her to say her lines. She says, “In fact, he helped me a lot with the language. He used to repeat dialogues after me to explain the language sounds and how one should take natural pauses. Malayalam is a subtle language and there are things only a speaker of the language will know. It was very kind of him to help me out.”



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